Testing Requirement Dropped for Driver’s License Renewals

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Hey there, good news for folks in Quintana Roo renewing their driver’s licenses! No more stressing about taking a test. The Mobility Institute of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo) just made life easier.

So, if your license is expired or about to be, no worries! You won’t need to face the written or driving test when you roll up to Imoveqroo. But, if you’re showing up without a previous license, they’ll treat you like a first-timer, and yes, you’ll need to take the test.

Oh, and make sure your license looks exactly as it should when you renew it, no funny alterations. This change came after a bit of a bumpy start on January 10, 2024, with some equipment hiccups and grumbles about additional testing in a different spot.

For those renewing, remember to bring your original license and a copy of your application, along with the updated CURP, INE credential, or valid passport, recent proof of address (within three months, like from Telmex), the payment receipt, and your previous license.

Imoveqroo laid out the procedure, and just remember, no alterations are allowed. If your original license is expired and you don’t hand it over, they’ll treat it like your first time. And if you’re going for the Type B, C, or E licenses (like for a private vehicle), bring along your medical certificate and toxicological certificate results from accredited institutions.

Here’s the Google Map’s link to the new office.


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