How To Stage A Condo For Selling

stage a condo for selling

A question we often have to answer is how to condo a home for sale.

This means you have to set up your place to be attractive to your potential buyers. It is so important that it translates into higher offers and faster sales.

stage a condo for selling

1.- Why do we stage a condo?

Potential buyers want to feel the place is their own. Staging gives an approximate picture of the day-to-day. As we said before, this is very likely to impress the buyers and increase the probability of receiving an offer. So remember that to stage a home is not an expense, it is an investment.

2.- Declutter!

This should be rule number one. Get rid of everything that creates visual contamination or personal stuff that has nothing to do with the sale. But please, don’t put them in the closets! Potential buyers tend to open them to see the spaces, so you don’t want them to find your stuffed cabinets and closets! Keyphrase: The cleanest, the better.

3.- Light colors.

Especially for walls, lighter colors not only make the space brighter but also help the rooms appear bigger. Here in the tropics, light tan or white are the preferred colors. Open the curtains and blinds before a showing. Check all the lightbulbs are working and dust them if necessary.


Depending on your budget you may or may not stage the whole place. Think about the most important areas of your house such as the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Do you have a great ocean view? Set up your terrace! The extra bedrooms or smaller bathrooms can be spared if your budget is too tight.

stage a condo for selling

5.- Remove or replace furniture and covers.

Get rid of old furniture and washed-out bedding and cushions. It may be your old condo but it will be a new one for the buyers and it should feel that way. Invest in light bed sheets and remove that old chunky sofa that’s blocking the view to the terrace. Make the space big enough so visitors can dream about celebrating their new home.

6.- Don’t forget the outside.

Ironically enough, when we talk about how to stage a condo we tend to forget the outside beauty of the property. It also deserves some TLC! Powerwash your entrance, plant some gorgeous flowers, and make sure it looks as stunning as the interior. Even if you own a condo, make sure the hallway, the door, and the terrace are well-maintained and attractive. Why not place a welcome mat?

7.- The beauty is in the details.

Now that everything is in place you can start adding little details to boost the look. Fresh flowers always add a touch of beauty and make you feel welcome. A beautiful set of crystalware and crockery in the dining room invites you to stay. And a colorful basket of fruits in the kitchen pops the idea of waking up to a delicious breakfast at home.

These sums up the most important ideas on how to stage a condo or home. Stay focused on the objective of keeping your place attractive to potential buyers and you can do no wrong. Of course, it will be always better to consult with your real estate professional to make sure you’re taking the right track.

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